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Important Information On Drinking Kangen Water™
  • Detoxifaction Symptoms vary from individual to individual and or may not occur,
    depending on how alkaline or acidic your system is. It is recommended to start drinking the 8.5 pH Kangen Water™
    for one week, 9.0 pH Kangen Water™ for the second week and 9.5 pH Kangen Water™ for weeks three and four.
  • If you are taking medication (time release), you must drink regular "clean" water just before and 30 minutes after
    taking your medication due to the effects of the micro-clustering of the water and how it effects your medication.
  • If you have Kangen Water™ that has been in a bottle for more than 7 days, please discard and replenish with fresh
    Kangen Water™ due to the possibility of bacteria growth in the water.

    • Drink 3/4 of your body weight in ounces of Kangen Water™ every single day for 21 days.
    • Drink the water on an empty stomach as follows:
      Drink l/3 first thing in the morning (before any food or any other drinks)
      Drink 1/3 about an hour before lunch
      Drink l/3 about an hour before dinner
    • Do not drink Kangen Water™ with your meals, and try not to drink any water with your meals.
    • Take your Rx pills with regular water (not Kangen Water™), and wait 20 minutes until resuming to drink Kangen Water™.
    • It is best to take your vitamin and herb supplements with Kangen Water™.

    Using a calculator. multiply your body weight by .5 and by .75.
    The 1st number represents the minimum number of ounces your body needs just to reach a state of hydration.
    The 2nd number represents the maximum number of ounces ideal for your body.
    Now divide the number by 5. This number represents the ideal amount of pH 9.5 ionized water you should consume at one time - (within 10 minutes).

    If your body weight is 140 lbs - 140 x .50 = 70oz - 70 divided by 5 = 14oz
    140 x .75 = 105oz - 105 divided by 5 = 21oz
    In this example, using the maximum amount of water as the formula. You would drink a minimum of 14 ounces and a maximum of 21 ounces of pH 9.5 drinking water 3 times per day as a part of the Basic Water Protocol.
    Then drink the remaining 28 to 42 ounces throughout the day.
    Consuming large amounts of water at one sitting has several advantages. - First, it assists the body in flushing out unwanted toxins. - It resets your body's thirst index so that it will prompt you to drink more water. - It regulates your elimination cycles. ~ Most importantly, it adjusts the pH of the stomach to allow more antioxidants to pass through the stomach and into the small intestine where they are disbursed to individual cells.
    Please do not hesitate if you need further information.
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